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Spinach feta Borek $9

Lentil Soup $6

Zucchini Scallion Pancakes $12

Chef's Specials

Lamb Shish Kebab $20

Kofte Kebab $19

Chicken Shish Kebab $18


Seared Goat Cheese Salad $15

Falafel Salad or Wrap $13

Crab Cake Salad or Sandwich $15

Grilled Chicken  Salad $14

Baked Flatbread

Turkish Sausage $12

Lachmajun (baked lamb flatbread) $12

Veggie baked flatbread $13

Flat bread Wraps

Lamb Wrap $16

Chicken and Brie $14

Kofte Wrap $14

Ginger Curry Chicken $14

Steak and Cheese $13


Cheeseburger $13

Veggie Burger $11

Avocado Brie $11

Chipotle Avocado BLT $12